January NYKP Mash-UP! Tournament

Eileen McCarren, Tournament Director

Eligible:   All members and guests with at least some experience. 
PLEASE PLAY!  More players equal more fun. No first-time players.

Cost:  Free.

Registration: Each player must register on Meetup by midnight 1/15. This will help Eileen and the committee set up teams in advance.  

4:30 PM Set-up, check-in, and team formation.  

5:15 PM Games begin. Anyone not at the pool by 5:00 PM may be disqualified, as it is very difficult to juggle team makeup and keep them balanced.  PLEASE do not be late.

Team Formation  The Tournament Director and Tournament Committee will make up teams, probably each captained by an A or B player, and aim for roughly equal strength teams with each team having a variety of skills.  We’ll play five-person teams if 20 or more people register; 4-person teams if fewer.

Maximum 1 goal per half per player  Unless all players on team have scored in half

Goalie Limit  A-team quality goalies cannot be primary goalies (may defend against fast breaks only)Tournament director to categorize.

Goal Multiplier – for all rounds  Each player suggests their own category – but Tournament Director has final determination.

 A & B team levels: each goals = 1 point

 C Team level: each goal = 2 points

Tackling  Each player may announce if they wish to be capsized.  Players who do not wish to be capsized may not capsize others.


3 points for win; 1 point draw; 0 points loss

Playoff seeding: Points; Goal differential (max. 4/game); goals

PLAYOFFS – Handicapping

4 plays 1; 2 plays 3

Consolation and championship games playoff handicaps: Teams get ranking differential (4th minus 1st means 4th place team starts with 3 points; 3rd place team starts with 1 point against 2)

Tournament Director is sole arbiter of rules, and may interpret or make up additional rules, for fun or fairness, as she sees fit.

Prizes for Round-Robin & Playoff Champions