Move to SPU pool and first winter session

Time to pack up and move to the pool at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City! We will meet at the Pier 66 boathouse to load up gear and boats and drive over to SPU, unload, and have our first pool session of the season! Depending on interest, hopefully we can go out for some food together afterward in the area.

We will meet at Pier 66 at 3:00 PM to load the cars, and plan to be setting up and getting in the water at the pool around 5:00 PM, finishing up around 8:00 PM. If you can help transport gear, that would be great, but you may also join us at the pool at 5:00 PM if you are unavailable before then.

When you RSVP, please indicate if you can help with gear transport, and if you have a car that can take some gear. If you cannot make it to the boathouse beforehand, you are still welcome to join us at the pool at 5:00 PM to set up and get some play in.

This will be a friendly session, but not really an “intro” session, so if you have not played polo before (or are not already comfortable self-rescuing upon capsizing a kayak), it may be best to wait until the following Saturday, when we plan to have an introductory session that will be great for newer players.

As with all of our sessions, you will either need an active ACA membership, or will need to purchase one at/before arriving, or will need to pay an $5 single-event insurance fee.