NYKP: 2017 A/B Tournament Day 2

Hi all,

Due to some last minute mishaps and injuries among our members and the visitors, we are not likely to have an A section this weekend. But we are still committed to hold a B/Mixed tournament for all who signed up and show up. L 
We will make team adjustments on site, by original schedule. 
Food and snacks will be provided. 
Bring your high spirit and let’s paddle!

Darren and Laura


The A/B tournament was designed as a two-day tournament to offer a higher level of game play, with A and B level teams from NYKP, Montreal, Boston, and others. However, fewer teams are currently registered then originally anticipated. There do not appear to be enough for a full A division, although some A-level games will be organized. 

If you’ve been busy organizing a team and still wish to play together, please input your names in the attached spreadsheet. All other players will be assigned to teams the day of play. You are welcome to play for just one or both days. Efforts will be made to place people playing both days on the same team for the full weekend. 



Games 9 AM – 2 PM and Ceremony/Cleanup 2pm-3pm. 

There will be some snacks provided, but less then a normal tournament so please plan accordingly if you tend to get peckish. 

Directions: </a><a href=”http://www.nykayakpolo.org/location/”>http://www.nykayakpolo.org/location/ 

Cost: $20 per person for the whole tournemant. 

Insurance Cost: ACA Membership ($30/year) or a one-time event fee ($5) for insurance is required and due separately from club and facility fees for all participants (including free trial participants). Newcomers can pay the $5 fee upon arrival (or apply as new ACA members in advance). Regulars: please confirm that your ACA membership is up to date. For the ACA membership discount ($10), select “New York Kayak Polo” as your Paddle America Club. 

ACA Waivers: every calendar year, all participants must sign a new ACA waiver (paper or online). See Insurance – Paddle Clubs of America section of ACA site, http://www.nykayakpolo.org/the-game/

What to bring: swimsuit, rash guard, towel/shower stuff.