NYKP A/B Tournament (Feb Edition), followed by a Bonus Fun Mash-Up

Hello NYKP members and friends,
We are excited to host our February A/B Tournament this upcoming weekend. We will have 2 guest teams (1-A/1-B) from Boston to join us, and we are planning 2-3 teams from NYKP to be competing. (Due to schedule change, Montreal/Toronto will join us in April/17-18 Tournament).
Thank you to those members who signed up on Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/NYkayakpolo/events/245951752/) to play the tourney this weekend. If you have not yet signed up and want to join, the deadline is Wed 2/14 by 6pm. (V-Day!) After that point, teams will be formed and you may not be accommodated since there is a cap on numbers. However, we are offering two events this upcoming weekend, Mixed A/B tournament for Saturday pm and Sunday am, and Mash-up King of the Pitch Style Tourney Sunday pm. See details below:

Mixed A/B Competitive Tourney
Sat 17 Feb 4pm-8pm (3pm to setup and finalize teams)
Sun 18 Feb 9am-12pm
Cost: $20 per person

This was always billed as a *competitive* tournament. Unfortunately, Montreal and Toronto had to change their travel plans last minute, but Boston is still visiting us and sending a competitive A and a competitive B team. So, we are planning to put together one or two A-ish teams from NY and a couple of strong B teams for healthy competition.

The format:
A(and A-ish) players play as a team of 4
B players play as a team of 5

Each team will play each other in a round robin, and then we will have playoffs and finals. We are planning on games with 8 minute halves, 2 minute half time, and a quick change over!

We are looking for a way for this to be challenging for the A players, while equally possible for the B players to win, hence the team number difference!

If we have a developmental team, we will develop a handicap scoring system for their games, so that all teams can be competitive.

IMPORTANT SIGN-UP INFO: If you want to play in this tourney then you have to commit to BOTH Saturday night AND Sunday morning. Members must sign up by Wednesday 6pm so we can form teams. We are capping this tourney to 6 teams to accommodate all the games. (The round robin would mean 5 games per team, 15 games total, then additional games for placings.)


King of the Pitch Style Mash-Up
Sun 18 February 12:30pm-4pm(ish) – we may go longer!
Cost: FREE to A/B Tournament Participant, $20 a la carte/walk up
This event is open to everyone at all levels … and will follow on after the A/B Tourney. Please stay at the pool when the A/B Tourney finishes in order to participate. The idea is to mix it up and have a different type of fun. We will select teams at random so we have pretty balanced teams. We plan to limit this to 5 teams of 5 (+subs if we have more players). Teams will rotate and play 7 minute games, with the winner staying on the pitch to face the next competitor, until our pool time runs out! We will try to get in 5 or 6 games an hour!!

The format:
Team 1 – Plays (current king)
Team 2 – Plays (challenger)
Team 3 – Rests
Team 4 – Referees/scores/times
Team 5 – Gets ready to challenge the current king

A winning team earns a crown and stays on the pitch to face the next competitor. They get no break – we will we try for a 3-minute turn-over!
A losing team goes into rotation and referees.
If teams tie, each team earns half a crown, but the challenging team stays on the pitch and becomes the current king.
The King of the Pitch is the team with the most crowns once our time has run out.
Prizes for Championships from both events.

We are excited to see many of you this weekend.
Please make sure to signup by Wed 6pm at the link below.https://www.meetup.com/NYkayakpolo/events/245951752/

See you on the pitch soon!

Olly, Lev, Darren, Erik