NYKP: January Intro Session

This session will be aimed at early or new kayak polo players, or those wishing to work on some fundamental skills. We will introduce new players to the basic rules, skills, and strategies of kayak polo, after first ensuring that everyone knows how to safely paddle in a decked kayak (e.g., wet-exiting from a capsized kayak with a spray skirt). We will practice some ball-handling drills, shooting, basic offense and defense, and play some scrimmages.

All equipment will be provided for those who do not bring their own.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not already an ACA member (American Canoe Association), you’ll either need to bring the $5 single-event fee, or join/renew with the ACA (which may be done at the session; there is a 6-month $15 introductory membership option), which is required for our club to retain its ACA status and insurance.

If arriving later than 5:30pm, please let someone know so we can open the door… or be prepared to wave from the door and wait till someone sees you!

Directions: http://www.nykayakpolo.org/location/

What to bring: swimsuit, rash guard, towel/shower stuff.