NYKP: Local Tourney Mashup


The local tourney will be in a Mashup format for a balanced mixture of all levels of players, mostly from local and nearby clubs. This is the perfect time to get experience in a competitive but still friendly and supportive format. Sign up as an individual: the tournament organizers will then form teams of equal ability. 

More details to follow.

Important: On Saturday nights we need to be out of the building by 8:30PM. Please check the Meetup schedule and put everything away if a session is not schedule for the next morning on Sunday.

Directions: </a>http://www.nykayakpolo.org/location/

Cost: $25 per person for the whole tournemant.

Insurance Cost: ACA Membership ($30/year) or a one-time event fee ($5) for insurance is required and due separately from club and facility fees for all participants (including free trial participants). Newcomers can pay the $5 fee upon arrival (or apply as new ACA members in advance). Regulars: please confirm that your ACA membership is up to date. For the ACA membership discount ($10), select “New York Kayak Polo” as your Paddle America Club.

ACA Waivers: every calendar year, all participants must sign a new ACA waiver (paper or online). See Insurance – Paddle Clubs of America section of ACA site, <a>www.americancanoe.org, for waivers or the online form. 

About Kayak Polo: </a><a href=”http://www.nykayakpolo.org/the-game/”>http://www.nykayakpolo.org/the-game/

What to bring: swimsuit, rash guard, towel/shower stuff.