East Coast Training Camp (Day 2)

NY Kayak Polo will host a training camp on Feb. 25-26 (Sat. night / Sun. morning) organized and conducted by a guest instructor, Chris Smith (N. Carolina).

Background: At the last US Nationals, key members from clubs across the country formed a group focused on developing a higher base level of skill for US kayak polo players (anyone interested is welcome to join; ask organizers for info or an invite to “USA Kayak Polo” on Slack.com). As a result of those discussions, Chris Smith was nominated to organize some East Coast development camps and be a resource for anybody interested in stepping up their kayak polo ambitions. 

Chris explains, “I’m aware of some great work being done within the NE clubs and would love to support that work. I apologize for the short notice, and intend to have full weekend east coast camps in the future, but I happen to be in NY on Feb. 25-26 so we are grasping this last minute opportunity. I would love to see paddlers on the water who are interested in becoming better polo paddlers. This is long term development and not restricted to paddlers of advanced skill level, however, given the limited space and time for this weekend we are setting a minimum required skill level. For future camps, held in an outdoor environment, I will be happy to work with anyone that wants to improve. I will put together a full schedule ahead of the weekend and hope to see many of you on the water.”

Enrollment Cap: Each session (Saturday evening & Sunday morning ) will be capped at 20 participants. All regional clubs/individuals are encouraged to apply on a first come first serve basis. Some members from other clubs may be confirmed separately by email and added by the organizer. 

Skill level: This camp is not for beginners. Participants must have sufficient boat and ball control (e.g., ability to paddle, catch, and pass while paddling in a straight line at speed). A NY beginners’ boot camp will be scheduled separately in the near future. If in doubt about your qualifications, please contact organizers. 

On Sunday doors open at 9:00am. Please let someone know if arriving after 9:30 so we can open the door… or be prepared to wave from the door and wait till someone sees you! 

Directions: </a><a href=”http://www.nykayakpolo.org/location/”>http://www.nykayakpolo.org/location/ 

Club & Facility Cost: The training camp fee for all participants (visitors and club members) is $20 total for the weekend (Feb. 25 & 26) or $10 per day. 

Insurance Cost: ACA Membership ($30/year) or a one-time event fee ($5) for insurance is required and due separately from club and facility fees for all participants. Regulars: please confirm that your ACA membership is up to date. For the ACA membership discount ($10), select “New York Kayak Polo” as your Paddle America Club.