Intro/Regular Session (P66)

Join us early (10:00-11:00) for an intro and new player friendly session. No experience necessary. Join us later (11:00-12:00) for drills to improve technique or just get a workout. We will hold some pickup games as well depending on the numbers. Two free trial sessions are available for newcomers; membership and playing fees are due for everyone else ($175 for full year, all included; membership year begins May 15). See (2015) Club and Facility Fees info for seasonal and per-session options. ACA Membership is required and due separately from club and facility fees (one-time ACA event membership is included for those in free trial sessions). Regulars: please confirm that your ACA membership is up to date or renew now. NYKP Members receive a discount! Newcomers can join ACA for 6 months at $15 for or for full year $30 (use PAC Individuals & Families options and select New York Kayak Polo).