Saturday Training & Games Session

This Saturday will be split into 2 halves to help A/B players who have played the game a bit run some new passing, dribbling and strategy drills. Then the other half of the session will utilize those drills in mixed A/B player games as we usually do on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s.

5pm: Pool and gear set up – please come help so we can get in the pool before 5:30pm!

5:30pm-7pm: Training


Learn how to “screen” and how to create spaces for your team-mates to shoot on goal, learn how to capitalize on a corner throw, along with a few other helpful skills, team and game tactics for offense and defense … to get you playing better both individually and as a team.

7pm-8:30pm: Friendly Games


Let’s try to put the drills into practice in some friendly games. We will also use the games to explain the basic rules for safe and happy play.

This session is intended for everyone who has been to and played in any of our sessions, and specifically targeted at our newer players. (If you are completely new to kayak polo and don’t have experience kayaking with a skirt, rolling or doing a wet exit, please attend one of our Introduction Sessions first.)

Two free trial sessions are available for newcomers; membership and playing fees are due for everyone else ($175 for full year, all included; membership year begins May 15). See (2015) Club and Facility Fees info for seasonal and per-session options. ACA Membership is required and due separately from club and facility fees (one-time ACA event membership is included for those in free trial sessions). Regulars: please confirm that your ACA membership is up to date or renew now. NYKP Members receive a discount! Newcomers can join ACA for 6 months at $15 for or for full year $30 (use PAC Individuals & Families options and select New York Kayak Polo).