Play Kayak Polo in NYC

Our club is devoted to developing and promoting the sport of Kayak Polo (also known as Canoe Polo) in the New York City area. Everybody is welcome to come and learn this exciting sport!

Kayak Polo is a team sport, played with five players per team in specially designed kayaks on calm water. The object of the game is to score goals in a net suspended 2 meters above the water. It is a fast and active team sport, similar to both basketball and water polo, and a great way to improve boat-handling skills and rolling.

We welcome people of all ages, ability, and experience levels. LearnĀ about the game, our programs (introductory, new-player, and regular sessions), schedules, and club membership.

Stop by Pier 66 (at W 26th Street, next to the Frying Pan) to watch some games or come and play with us.