Note: The sessions described below is typical during our winter season in the pool. Things are a bit less structured in the summer at our Hudson River location. Follow our events for the latest schedule and session details.

Which session is right for me?

The winter 2023 NYKP schedule includes two sessions per week. They have different objectives and are aimed at different levels of skill/experience. Please sign up at our page!

SATURDAY – Social / Entry

Our entry-level and social session. Targeted at individuals who want a more relaxed and fun set of games. It is also targeted at kayakers who are new to kayak polo. It will involve some basic drills on paddling, throwing and shooting, and allow time to practice personal skills, rescues and rolls. You should be:

  • Comfortable doing a wet exit and require minimal assistance to re-enter your boat
  • Comfortable or working toward being comfortable upside-down waiting for an assisted rescue
  • Working on your basic paddling skills and strokes
  • Curious about kayak polo skills, strategies and rules
  • Willing to take instruction and learn
WEDNESDAY – Intermediate/Advanced

Our session for more experienced players. Targeted at individuals who have fundamental kayak polo skills and are training toward more competitive play. The games are faster-paced, led by our more seasoned players. These sessions can accommodate newer players, but there will not be time for much introduction or assistance with basic skills. We generally start with drills to develop skills. You should be:

  • Comfortable upside-down waiting for an assisted rescue
  • Actively working toward a roll or self-reliant with your wet exit and re-entry
  • Actively developing paddling skills and strokes
  • Willing to take advice about kayak polo skills, strategies and rules

I’ve Never Kayaked Before, Which Session Should I Join?

Due to intense aquatic engagement, our sessions are intended for paddlers with intermediate to advanced kayaking skills, especially using a decked boat. They are not recommended for those new to kayaking. Exceptions may be made upon speaking with session hosts on a case-by-case basis, so feel free to send a message to them through Meetup. We recommend the KCCNY pool sessions to get started:

What do I need to Bring?

We supply boats, paddles, spraydecks, life jackets (PFDs) and helmets. Please bring water shorts, rash guard, water shoes, water bottle and towel/shower stuff.

Can I Just Turn-Up at the Pool?

No – please sign-up to the Meetup event so we know you are coming. Without a minimum of 8 people signed up 48-hours in advance, pool sessions will be cancelled. Also, the pool door may be locked, so we will look out for you if we know you are coming. We don’t want wasted journeys!